Kenbo Chicken Rice Paste 海南素鸡饭料



Kenbo Hainanese Vege G Rice is a local favourite dish in Singapore and Malaysia. Special fragrant rice to go with vegetarian chicken and Kenbo Vegetarian Chicken Rice Chili.

Cooking Instructions: Add 40gm of rice mix to 1 cup(150g) Thai Fragrant Rice, add water 180ml mix well, and pandan leaves, cook the rice and serve hot. For better results, evenly stir when rice ready and allow cooked rice to stay in the cooker for 10 minutes before serving.

Ingredients: Ginger, gelangal, soya bean, sesame oil, vegetarian chicken, seasoning, salt.

Servings: Packet of 80g, serving size of 20g, total 2-3 servings suggestion.