Tian Xin Mooncake 甜心月饼 Launch 2022!

Tian Xin Mooncake 甜心月饼 Launch 2022!

To celebrate Mid Autumn Festival this year, we have launched our mooncakes earlier! After feedbacks from previous year's mooncake sales, we have fine tuned our mooncakes to be of much better quality this time round.

Consumers will find themselves satisfied with the variety offered by our 3 different flavors : Red Bean 豆沙, Green Jade 翡翠, White Lotus 莲蓉! Sweetness level goes down from Green Jade 翡翠, followed by White Lotus 莲蓉, and finally Red Bean 豆沙 being the least sweet.

We have also introduced two new beautiful gift boxes that comes with 2pc/4pc purchases. Impress your friends and relatives with this small gift without ripping a hole in your wallet with the 4pc box only at $14.40!

Get the ideal Mooncake Festival gift here at Tian Xin Mooncake 甜心月饼

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